I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Some like it hot, by Stevie Cool Haston.

 unused weights, forgotten, we turn to tust, iron turns to rust, our muscles sag, and our saggy bits will..;

I will be for my sins, at the Climbing and Outdoor show in Friedrichshafen. I will be at Grivel stand, you can come and ask me sensible questions, or non sensical ones.  I will also be at the American Show, so American buddies I will be with my friends at the Liberty Mountain Booth representing Grivel.

 hollow bellies its got a fab name in another language from a far away place.

Its summer time hopefully theres new gear for me to look at, good German beer to slake my thirst.

A mat for the dag is always a good idea.

Yoga every morning, breathing, a walk with the dog, a few shekels to buy some food, a dirty pair of shorts, a climb or two…..such are the things that make me happy……a swim, a dive, flowers…..