I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 7 July 2016

How to improve, step 49, by Stevie step 1000 Haston.

My cousin Paul got his first 7c, Paul deserved it, by earning it. He came over last year, and helped me do some new routes, notably the Last Rhino, 3 pitches in a huge beautiful cave. But the important thing I think he took from that, was that to climb, you should train, and even if the training is hard, it is worth it, because the stone can be immaculate.

cousin Paul at Fruit Cake Land.

 Paul came back this year after a year training looking "fit as  butchers dog", or more politically correct as vital and victorious as a vegan warrior. He is not Vegan, but he certainly watches what he eats, or more importantly, what he doesn't eat- if you follow me. 

    Lentil and Tofu stuff, german beer.

When I saw Paul and his new body this year, and his strength, I thought he might do well. I put him on an 8a, and he did good, but with limited time as I have other work we knuckled down to Negresse Verte 7c. He got it quick. Congrats.

 Titanium bolts are running out.

Thanks not only to Paul, but to everybody who has helped me continue to climb and have donated to my Donation button at the top of the page. Special thanks to Richard Abell, and good luck with the Tor des Geants, get the training in Richard!

cousin Paul ruining a pair of trousers and glueing up two new routes.

The summer is in full scorched earth mode at the moment and it's hard to climb. Paul and I had turbans on the other day, it was sweaty while not moving in the shade! Three new routes and a play on an old project, Project might be 8c!