I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Equalisation, by Stevie unbalanced Haston.

To be stuck in your training is a bit sad, but I am stuck. The answer is to get pro advice, but it costs money, and I aint got any! Whats he talking about, I hear you ask.

 It's to do with water, and gases, and pressure. It's do do with Eustachian tube and equalisation of pressure as I go down into the depths, it's difficult to master. Masters are all ways good to consult when you are trying to master something.  I was thinking about Ian Vickers the great UK climber, comp climber, and master on sight climber yesterday. He still climbs really well, and what his body doesn't know, isn't much. A Master.

 am I the only person who does some yoga in new shoes, and whisper to them what I want them to do for me?

Years of training, and I know some things, and not others. The records keep tumbling, and surely knowledge must be growing. Well no, knowledge isn't really growing, not in the esoteric sports like climbing, and Free diving, its more that people aren't doing the bad things, and they are so much more consistent. 

 When I started climbing no one warmed up and no one stretched!

Not many people are very flexible, but lots of the successful girl sport climbers are. Why don't the boys bother? Too busy doing macho Campusing?

At the moment Iam doing a lot of Yoga stretching. An hours breathing a day and maintaining my climbing, but Iam going to have to vamp it up.

I tried a route called Realisation years ago, before it had a serious attempt, and it was like looking into the future, or looking down into the infinite depths. I thought I was 6 or so months away from that sort of level. I may have been wrong or right, but I won't have been out by much. If I had the courage and the money to have pulled my finger out, it would have been very interesting, ahead of its time. The chance disappeared, it disappeared for many, it will continue to disappear. The path to righteousness is full of broken promises. Do your training! Iam doing some really strange things at the moment, as I said. I do not want to not do, what I want to do! So I will Equalise. I will optimise my training, make the effort, continue to make the effort.