I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Pull ups in a Wardrobe, by Stevie Closet Haston.

 Diet of champions.

It's hot and I'am travelling, two things I dislike very much. If you haven't travelled much recently, or keep your eyes shut, there seems to be a lot going on. Whole cities seem to be changing into multicultural hoge potches of weirdness, with much of the weirdness being of  the lowest common denominator coming from a cultural quagmire of commercial and moral muddiness. Mixed metaphors are the order of the day, I am afraid it's way too hot. And I can't keep track of whats going on in europe anymore, perhaps I will have better luck in the US of A?

Are these humans the same as me?

I visited Malta, my neibouring island to meet mates, and fly away. Malta is one of the few places I like, but in thirty years it will have twice the population. Can anybody tell me where we are going to fit them. Unfortunately I am so healthy, despite being poisoned by modern food and medicine, that there is a chance I will still be alive. I hope I am brave enough to choose the sensible way out before Madness is mandatory!

 Torino station de Susa.

This station doesn't have seats! Where was I supposed to park my bum. The bill for a meal would have fed me for half a week! CCT cameras every where, and lots of police, a strange futuristic symble of a sterile future?

pull ups in a Wardrobe.

It's sunday, it's unbearable, sweaty, hot, metal is painful to touch, and I am a bit stuck in the bottom of the valley, without mates, or energy. So. Well no door frames that will support me, did my yoga, and then the last vestige of memory produced thee old "pull ups in the wardrobe solution". These ones are desperate, mainly because the wardrobe will tip over if you don't do them slow, or SLOOW, i.e.. good ones. So there you go, while other people are checking out the bikini clad babes, and each other in their chrome sunglasses, I am doing my pull ups. Keep on the track Mac, stick to the plan Stan. The cool weather will come back a few times before we all self combust in government fed nonsense, or the next war to save people. Also I never thought about it, but there is a certain privacy in a wardrobe, even if it's a web wardrobe. 
Germany next, I'll take Berlin.