I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Training, Coaching, Traveling, Working. By Stevie Haston.

 I went swimming today, it's way too hot to climb. I wanted to climb, but it's really hot and humid, so the next best thing was to explore some cliffs by swimming. I guess two miles of swimming can be classed as a bit of training. 

 I have a very good student at the moment who is reminding me how weak I'ave become, so thanks Neil. One of the reasons I am weak this year is my life has changed, and I haven't caught up with it yet. It's not an excuse, I don't really believe in excuses that much. 
Anyway training keeps your mind in step, it's always a good place to start to get your head into gear. 

 This is my old house in France, it's up for sale, contact me or Laurence  for details, it's in the country, very quiet, but with one cliff 12 mins away, and others 25 to 30 mins away.

 This cliff is 30 mins away from my old house, it got 25, or so 8s, it's got 30 meter roofs, it's got a couple of my big link ups, it's one of the best cliffs in the world, I surely do miss it. It's called Sabart.

I guess this is my new home, Gozo, good climbs, and the sea, big, big roofs, just like my old home in France. Today I discovered (well not really discovered) three caves with some possible high quality climbing in them. I scoped out a mile of cliff, and "I saw lots of fishees, oh yees I did Gollum". Visability was 50 meters, Gozo has the best, or some of the best visibility in the world! I saw a school of Yellow Jack, and one big solitary one. Thousands of little fishees. And I saw a big octopus which my friend played with, and I saw a big Moray eel, and a Locust Lobster in the same hole. I have to do a big training session before I do a plane journey, or three, to work, to keep body and soul together. Good training to you. And I miss France, how can I not.