I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 27 July 2015

Very nice work, by Stevie "the worker" Haston.

You have to work, right? Well "not all the time", is my motto. Sometimes work, and fun coincide, which is the best.  So I did the trade show in Germany, and then there wasn't enough work in Italy, and so I came home for a week before the USA trade show. Well a 15 year old boy needed a bit of climbing help so I was in the right place for him. Patrick is very much like I was at his age, loving climbing, and getting on with things, it was a pleasure to hold his ropes. He will go to sport college, and hopefully will work hard, and do his stuff.

Union City Blues, wrong way around obviously! Perspective from the bottom of a sea cliff is often odd, but you get double the sensation with the waves crashing.

 This is one of the routes Patrick led me up, Union City Blues, its got a little precariousness at the top, a delicate slab move which needs poise. Patrick was very modest about his climbing, but as he knows all the Swiss Junior team this is not surprising. Patrick will go far in climbing. He needs to work though, as we all do.

In Malta sport is not really encouraged, it's not the same as in Swiss, hopefully we will have some good kids having fun, and success soon. At the top of the Fruit Cake Land cliff I enjoyed a beer, and Patrick enjoyed some pizza. We deserved it!

pizza and beer, my feet had marinated for four hours in plastic bags, to get "thee fit", deserved some lubricant!

The Sun was a big orange ball that sunk rather fast, reminding us of the constancy of work, sometimes I forget, but not when I get back on perfect stone. Patrick and I looked at great lines that we were desperate to climb, they will have to wait for better conditions, and stronger times. Work hard, climb hard!