I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 10 July 2015

Confused, conned and condemned, by Stevie Contra Haston

looking for fish that are poisoned over fished and suffer acidification of the sea.

Why are there so few fish in the sea? Can we restock the sea? Yes, of course we can! But it's a political decision, some one will loose votes, and therefore money! Can world hunger and population be controlled? Yes of course it can, but lots of people will have to turn veggie and vegan, and again that's not gonna happen, cos it's a voting thing, by Jove! Notice I don't use the Christian god, or the Prophets name. Please don't attack me. Will Malta make use of the one out door thing that it actually has, Rock. Well, maybe it will. The climbing on Malta and Gozo is as good as anywhere, and better than most. Funny, but we don't even have anybody under 20 years old climbing here! A country that is over populated, overweight, and over stressed, not knowing that there is some peace and quite there for some, and it's underneath their feet! Blind, or what?

 out of focus and out of sight.

Climbing has brought lots of money to the island this year, and the climbing community has had practically no help from any one. In Greece, climbing was working to bring money into the country. Contacts in the sport now suggest there's a lot of unpaid bills there, well with out that equipment Kalymnos will fail as a tourist destination. Without climbing, Gozo will just get more and more suffocated with budget tourists in the two peak months!

 The Kalieydescope of dreams.

Jeff came to help me yesterday he's one of the few who help me, we were aghast at how beautiful the rock architecture is, and Jeff knows that there is more. Climbing can surpass diving as a tourist attraction on the islands, it's worth millions, and millions to the island.


Are you confused? I am, and I am fed up of buying, or being short of gear, or getting my own gear ruined. I am off to Italy, Germany, Italy, USA, Italy, and back to Gozo to earn a few pennies, so the Gozo one man band is not gonna play any more. Good luck and good night. Neil, pull your finger out!