I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Extreme tourism by Stevie ordinary Haston.

A happy tourist.

By extreme tourism I don't mean being in danger, I mean unbearably crowded. What's up with places when you stick twice the population in an infrastructure that can't cope normally? July in popular places , do you know anything worse? Polution, noise, absolutely no F'ing parking!

a bronze celebrating when fishing was done by brave men , not dirty factory ships.

I remember the great old climber Joe Brown having a program on TV called Extreme fishing, or some such nonsense. He climbed down cliffs and fly fished, it was quintessential Joe.  Anyway there are far too many tourists on the beach, and around the island, it's all gone horrible. The island is earning money, but at a great expense to it's own quality of life. Attract climbers walkers, and others in the shoulder months, why don't you?

A 60 meter roped decent to go swimming.

Today we got some clips out of some routes, half of them went in the bin, too corroded. While we were there, we went swimming, and checked out some more cliff. Not bad! Too hot, and humid to climb, but the water was perfect.

Some Amberjack underneath.

Gozo Tourism and climbing are an easy solution to an economy that cries out for visitors other than in summer. It's obvious. Too many holiday places are blighted by happy northerners who are only looking for a few days of virtual holiday. Keep Gozo and Malta real, and the pollution down, attract tourists in the shoulder months.