I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 11 May 2015

Writing on the Wall, by Stevie Haston.

 A horrible week has passed, they do happen don't they? I don't mean just Cameron, but I won't burden you with my sad, pathetic troubles, instead I'll give you Caper blossoms. I used to run around the big blocks of limestone, and pick capers for the women folk to pickle, they were happy child hood days, ah.

 Ah, to be a child! A little Limestone Lemur, a childe of the wilde! Well on my best free-est days, and when I climb well, I do feel like a child skipping down the lanes, chasing butterflies.

 These horrible swathes of graffiti have been daubed on walls and peoples property outside my village on the way to a swimming site. Theres about 10 of them, they say 'watch out for your head', and are directed at a local woman for reporting illegal shooting. Other graffiti aimed at another women, are on the approach to the best beach on the island, Ramla Bay.  
What can you say about this horrible graffiti, and the bullying person who did it? Lots I suppose, but I won't.

This route photo isn't that good, I apologise, but I hope it shows how good the rock is. The route is 7c in the guide, but might be 7c+. It's called Negress Vert, and it's magic, if a bit of a bully! 
Anyway people, I wish you all the strength to bear up to horribleness this week. Dig deep, and sigh it out, be strong.