I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Up Rocks, Up the Revolution. by Stevie up your Kilt Haston.

 Gunter Grass is dead, long live Gunter Grass! Its amazing how many people only stick to their own shabby nations five good writers and never journey abroad for the odd bit of  Saxon, or indeed Yank or  Jap. Gunter Grass was on the wrong side in the war, indeed he hung out with the SS, does this make him unreadable? Not for me, he helped me grow up.  I like his stuff, it does not strut, or goose step, it just calmly convinces. Anyway it's my birthday, and I will read, swim, and do pull ups, yep an odd combo. Oh and I will swim a lot this year.

 The Maltese guide book which I helped bring into the world with Simon Alden and Jeff Camilleri is a success, it works very well I have been pleased to be informed. Thanks everybody who made it possible, and everybody who is trying to contribute to Maltese Climbing. Some 60 new routes have been done, some of these are world class.

 Why people hate Russell Brand never ceases to amaze me, and please don't bother me about it on Face book, ok. It's a case of "Killing the messenger" for sure, in this case, let's kill him lots, cos he is vain and rich. Well I got ta tell ya folks, this book is fun, yes it's fun, it's quirky, and makes you think. The book, and Brand occasionally annoy me, so what. What more do you need from a book than being interesting and damning the strange thing thats is affecting Western culture. My own revolution happened when I was young, helped along by Union men like my father, who was beaten up for striking, and black listed. It might have been nicer if I was a pampered, perfumed person. Lectured and brow beaten by Brand, who cares! It's a good read, have a go, open your mind. You can trash it after you read it!But I guess you won't read it.

This last book is about the mysterious temple in Malta, a burial chamber, a place of magic, fat fertile sex goddesses? Who knows? If you'r in Malta read about it, or go. It's expensive to go in, and it's always booked. For my birthday I am going, thanks for the birthday present. I haven't gone since I was a child, when a grumpy, dishevelled guardian  took me around, no one else was interested then. It costs 30 eus per person, which is a disgrace, my heritage, and I have to pay through the nose for it. 
So up the Revolution, and keep the Red Flag Flying, especially on my birthday.