I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 8 May 2015

Election of Rock, by Stevie the Rock Haston.

 So if your from the UK, and you have a heart you'r sad, very sad, or possibly terminally depressed. My message is don't give up, the metaphor of climbing is valuable, if you give up you are lost, if you fight, maybe you have a chance. Go climbing, it's great, do something nice, come back refreshed, and start kicking!

 Kick bags are really a great idea. I am going to put a picture of Cameron on mine, and I will daily kick his head in, good style, lots of gusto!

 If you like have a tipple after you have kicked Camerons head in, you deserve it. When you sober up, try and work out why democracy does not work in Briton. There's a couple of reasons, one is we use a stupid voting system in the UK, where by we can't vote for our party and a local representative, if they are different. This divided the country this time, because the Scots quite rightly wanted a say in their own governance. Proportional representation is a system that's used in most countries in Europe, perhaps people should demand a change to this. 

Time is running out for the National Health service, it's approaching the end of it's tether, the Conservatives will now try very hard to sell more of it off. This killing off of the free health service must be resisted, and stopped.
I woke up today very miserable, because this elections' 'victory of money over duty and care', is a terrible blow to the ordinary people of the UK. Anyway I just swum a mile in the sea, it's 18° so it's a bit fresh, and it's sink or swim. So do something, don't sink into the slough of despond. Enjoy and fight! And Kick Cameron's head in.