I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Cyclops Killer qu'es que c'est. By Stevie Haston.

Ken on Hore Hound 8a.

 Was on a great route today, which reminded  me why I climb. I climb for a variety of reasons like most folk, I'll climb frivolous routes, like the above little 8a, one of my own, and it's just a laugh, twangy on the doights, and a bit of exercise. Climbing is a broad church with lots of room for worshippers. But today I went on Cyclops Killer and it was, how shall I say this, a bit more engaging. Its a 50 meter pitch and must over hang 50 meters! Anyway found my mojo rising, mojo rising.

View from zee window.

 Lots of visitors from Canada and America, notably Marc and Bret, who were tearing up Gozo, nice to see two eager ballsey climbers enjoying my routes. Come again please. Lots of visitors, French, Spanish, some English, need a few more from the UK, oh yes forgot Twid was here from Wales, he reminded me of our shared love of the cliff Gogarth in Wales. 

Em, my left one.

 At Gogarth you needed testicular fortitude, in the Underworld you need testicals like a Ram. If you are a girl don't worry, you have your own devices, you climb better and are not as prone to having  big tires on your car.

Started preparing two mega lines, need arms the size a JCB, and Balls the size of Jupiter, just to equip. Must take this opportunity to thank Stephen Collings and Crusher again, for helping me out with the necessary. Really guys, thanks. Today we were also sea level girdling, and saw a very large Conger Eel, looked scary as hell. Also tried to rescue a Grouper which was trapped in a rock pool, must've been swept in. Couldn't rescue it. Will have to liberate it next time.