I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Super Mega Crack Line, by Stevie Haston.

You have to say, the closer you look, the more or less interesting a thing can be!  Take things I am not interested in, well the closer you look, I have to say the less interested I can sometimes be. Then again, the less I look the more interested I can be. But of course sometimes you shouldn't look. Simple is, how simple does. It's like the Chinese saying , "be careful what you wish for".

 This is the Super Mega Crack line, I have never been that interested in it, I swear! And recently I have thought of it less, and perversely, I have lusted after it more. I lost some sleep the other night, it was full moon , and I was cursing, and cruising, above wobbly friends in cracked cracks, then I woke up and thought 'bolt it'. 'Your friends will rust, no one will repeat it, no one will even try it, just some sponsored "Hollywood type tradsters" homing around for a reputation. 

 Anyway a bit choppy, the planned swim was curtailed by a slightly perturbed sea, and I finally, went over the edge and took a closer look. Tried a couple of moves, the victory knee bar, and the grin of relief. 

This crack line might only be desperately hard, so it has to be tried, blood has to be lost, skin has to be scraped, expletives will echo. Yep it looks good! There's a good five routes in this cave, and on the side walls,  a busy next month in prospect, yippee.