I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Birthday training and thanks. by Stevie thankful Haston.

Yesterday was my birthday, did my training! Lots of people wished me happy birthday, and I am thankful to them, they helped me train. The summer is here, and I don't have partners, and anyway I need to train, cos I am weak and fat.  I would like to thank every body who helped me last year,  especially Stephen Collings from London.  My well being depends on many things. Good food, and a pleasant healthy environment is essential, but so is my climbing. Stephen has helped me climb, and helped me continue, so thanks Stephen.

This great cave in France helped me for many years to stay fit and motivated, I miss it very much, please Mr Holland can I have it as my reward for world peace!

This is my computer curmudgeon face, it suits me. I want less puffy jowls however, being 58 is not that great, so yesterday I took steps to combat the sagging skin. 1245 pull ups on a sunny day when I could easily have gone out climbing, how sad! Actually, it was joyous. Mr Haston was surprised he had the necessary minerals to finish. This year will be ok, many, many routes will fall to my calloused hands, new cliffs will be born. 

And "the gift of small things" will be handed on. This year, this cliff will be wrapped up in gay ribbons, and given to you all. There are four routes here at the moment, two big crack/corners, one big adventure going through a hole in the big roof, like an arboreal Alice in wonderland, and Mouchi. Mouchi is special, a 55 meter overhanging monster pump, in one sweeping pitch. As the great Motorcyclist Valentino said, "long live Mouchi".  And Viva la Vide folks, it's the only one we got!