I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Mates, climbing partners and friends. by Stevie Sociable Haston.

Didi Scissor hands.

 My mate Didi is East German he lives here on Gozo. If you have climbed in Mgar Ix Xini it's him you have to thank for the path de-bramblinig! So thank him. If your old you might remember we were supposed to fear zee East Germans, and zee Russians come to that, but the truth is  Didi is just a benevolent kinda guy who likes to work in climbing, and help people have a good time.Viva La Vida.

 Thistles, the national plant of Scotland, but in Gozo our's of course are gigantic! Nationalism doesn't play any part in my life how could it, my parents come from different countries, so do my daughters, my grand children will spend time in three different countries including Spain.

 Nationalism came to me today in another guise, because I was reminded about the great Antoine Le Menestrel, who soloed the UK s supposed desperate 8a Revelations back in the day, the mid 80s to be precise. Antoine comes from a climbing family who are pretty tight, dad was an old Fontainebleau hand, and his younger brother Marc pushed standards while still a teenager.  Without this family standards would not have gone where they went. I find the idea that Wolfgang could ave done anything hard at Font ludicrous!

This is rock Gozo rock, its lovely, today it was warm in the shade, it's featured, its great to climb, its Gozo. Gozo means orgasm, or joy in Portuguese.  Come, and have an orgasm of rock. Particularly if you are above the big blue hanging upside down.