I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 1 July 2012

This cheered me up, by Stevie up Haston

First recorded muscle up with an egg on a spoon, grade font 8A

Yesterday I did my little thing about Jean Pierre Bouvier, AKA the Fly. Two big web sites failed in their inept ways to even copy paste things correctly, bravo, 8a.nu and UKC. Then there was a lot of discussion of whether it was important, or even allowable, or whether he had the right to grade it. As JP was one fathers of traversing I will leave it to him to defend his brain child, but am still aghast at the ignorance of the newbees in our sport and the lack of good reporting on the web.

As my breakfast consists of either nothing or a boiled egg, I have been looking for  ways to spice it up. So looking thru You tube I found this total nugget of excersise excellence.

What I like most about this, is her total pedantic rule setting, full marks girl! Nobody can argue with her rules and the pull ups are very good ones, brava. I am already thinking of challenging this record but have run out of eggs and superglue!
Here is another link to a hardish route being sent by 50+ years Bill Ramsey, its very nice, and I like Bills humour  and charm in the film. I am sure that Bill will try the egg method of training hopefully after a few beers. Cynthia I hope you are reading this too.

Please post your One arm, One finger, One egg on spoon, and one egg in your mouth vid to me, as I need a good laugh. I tried this and broke the egg and puked. 
So when you get tired of Crossfit, doing the 300 and any of the exercise nonsense I post remember eggs and extra strong beer, cheers.
Two bipolar animals after lunch time exercise&beer