I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

50 years ago by Stevie Haston

50 years ago Algeria took its independence from France, after  a long terrible protracted war. 50 years sounds like a long time, until you have lived them and then when you have lived them 50 years sounds like the prelude to the rest of your life. France has been around a lot longer than me and is now beyond such atrocities as Algeria. Algeria is not mentioned much in France because we are still ashamed to this day, a million people died for the right to govern their own country.

The previous owner of the house I live in was awarded a medal for fighting the Germans in the first world war, the so called Great War. It’s a funny thought because I sometimes think I hear his footsteps. If you know anything of history you might know that the French did not contest the game in the second world war, preferring to give up their liberty and fraternize with the evil Hun, for the preservation of the city of Paris. Not all French men did this some carried on and were called the Resistance. Both my wife’s Granddads were  such men. Anyway it’s funny how you can disobey your countries orders and later be called a hero, but you can also be shot for it by the same government. At my nearest cliff there is a memorial to the Resistance who were ambushed and killed locally, I run by and salute them occasionally. Anyway today I visited the local war memorial not because I approve of Frances Wars, but because I was very sad about all the people dying around the world for very little, or no reason. I live in France, but I am a member of the world, and can’t believe that we are making the same mistakes as Algeria again. So 50 years go by and it is as nothing, we just change the venue for the game and now it is Afghanistan and Iraq. And for some, humanity and reason fly out the window, and it just turns into recreational violence, it’s just television, and entertainment.