I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Yogic tree, by Stevie Yoghourt Haston

A Yogi friend of Laurence came around yesterday to help me with my shoulder. Yogis normally do their stuff with clothes on, to stop the common distractions of the mind, but as this was simple mechanics she tried to explain what was going on by prodding and showing. It is a little bit complex but basically the idea is to put the shoulder through a range of movement, which somehow separates (not a good word) or makes more room in the shoulder area. You move the shoulder up, back, and out, up, down, and a little forward. Anyway it really helped. You are supposed to try filling the lungs to stretch the top of the chest muscles. Anyway you can try it, its like yawning for the shoulder, seems to wake the shoulder up. 
So by pushing or pulling with the hands in different positions, and the help of the lats you might get the idea. Some of the problem seems to be tight traps and pectoral and by putting the shoulder area further away you stretch them.
The yogi practitioner thought that I was over developed in the lats and I also a bit round like some swimmers. She also pointed out the yogic tree that emanates from my head and said it was a good sign.