I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bite the Bullet, not the pillow? by stevie Haston.

Are you feeling lazy?

To Train or not to Train
that is the problem
whether it is nobbyer in the mind to suffer
the stings of outrageous failed redpoint attempts
or to take up heavy wieghted finger pull ups
And thus vanquish all the quicker, the dreaded foe
Or give in to normal weakness, lastitude and sloth
When we shuffle off this mortal coil
 it is too late to clip the chains
those heavy rusty chains that haunt and taunt
the only chains that set us free
for who could suffer the whips and scorns of time
So once more unto the breach,
stop biting the pillow bite the bullet.

Thought I couldn't do it this morning, shoulder was bad, nothing in the basement, useless. Got up, coffee, put on some music, did 1000 pull ups, with some good stuff.
Finger strength is up,
power is up
endurance is up

Just goes to show, there is always something in the basement.