I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 29 June 2012

Jean Pierre Bouvier Aka the fly,by Stevie Bumble bee Haston

Well known as La Mouche in France, Jean –Pierre is one of the legends of bouldering and small rocks. He has been climbing for 40 years and is well admired for his sick strong fingers. Over the years he has put up 8c’s and 8c+’s on routes and they always have tiny holds. His latest creation is an aller-retour of one of his own traverses in the magic wood of Fontainebleau. Fou-rire, or mad laugh in English is 8b going one way or 8c going the other, there and back is obviously harder and Jean-Pierre gives it a route grade of 9a. About 40 moves for his 40 years climbing, Jean-Pierre has now 55 years altogether.

Nice one!

For pretenders of the art of the impossible this punishing parambulation can be found under no 24 black at Franchard Cuisiniere.