I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Young inspiration from the big Comps, by Stevie Haston

Most of you hate climbing Comps, even the guys and girls who compete couldn’t sit through the links that are listed below. But they were sent to me by my mate Jurgen, a comp guy, and I been looking at them ever since. I will go out climbing in a bit and I will fail because I didn’t climb like these boys, and yes I am going to say it like these girls too.

The first two links are the big Cham competition, which obviously I used to see, and I now miss. Take notice these Links are very long and a normal person won’t want to watch all of them. I actually like the Mc who gets everything wrong including the height of Mont Blanc.
Cham 2012
Cham 2011
Arco Final
Boulder Wold Cup Vienna 2012

So there you are a valuable resource for you to look at. If I may point out a few things for you to watch: the precision footwork, the strength through the whole body, lots of straight arms, the total concentration to the end.  One of the ways to get better in climbing is to watch better climbers, and absorb like a sponge the good juice. If you manage to absorb all this you might burst. If nothing else, this is a tremendous example of how humans can excel at something most humans and indeed most climbers think is stupid. I of course think all this film gold, and a stepping stone to star routes. Thanks Jurgen, Jurgen is a climbing coach, but I also wish him luck in his comps, thanks for everything.