I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bored with training, by stevie Haston.

 Gollum, doing shoulder shrugs.

 Leonidus, the pimp who can't crimp.

Miguel, giving instructions to his disobedient Brachioradialis.

Training today is not right, but it don't matter, better than nothing. Shoulder is sticking. Its raining, no mojo, starving but some how heavier! 
After warm up got, a one arm on a campus rung! Since I am obviously Pablo the Porker, this is a good indication that I have got some where, but where? I need to be way lighter, but the Dark side of training has engulfed me. Today I will punish myself and do volume, in an attempt to get trim, not Get Carter. 

I will do power pulls with weights on various edges. 
Weights starting at 100 lbs, dropping down never more than three reps. 

Core work will be some levers, front and back. Then Windscreen wipers with ankle weights, till I cry 'Hernia my darling, you have come to me'.     
Good example of a safe finger training position

Finish off with shoulder press and then kneeing the Kick bag with double ankle weights. then leg raises front kick and side kick.

Later that day......