I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Pirates, Pilates, and politicians, by Stevie Polite Haston.

The island is very green, and pleasant, temperatures are perfect, so why am I on a cold cliff these last few days. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, "it's because the stone, is stoned immaculate".

 Friction slab, unusual for limestone!

Two new routes yesterday, I need bolts. Donate some money if you can, or have climbed on my island.  One was 6a, easy 6a at that, the name Mega Stone came to mind. The next one we did was better! Couldn't think of a name, but it was petrified joy, it was a neat little layback up a corner where my fat fingers made it tricky. 

 how green is my island, very green it is, going soon to be brown.

The flowers are very nice this year, the South African Sorel is rampant. This week the Magreb dwarf iris is out, I lost all the photos I took yesterday so can't show you, sad how things blink off computers, isn't it?

A faithful pair of shoes!

Finally gave a pair of climbing shoes a viking burial, well not really, put them in the bin, very sad to see these friends go the way of the Dodo. I need Bolts, I need Glue, I have some time to do some routes, and feel keen. Titanium does not grow on trees. Ah just thought of a name for the second route we did, the "Titanium Tree". The route we failed to bolt was a diagonal route with a slab move on friction, and then the final few moves went over a little overhanging wave of sandstone by hidden generous holds, but either due to being fat, missing the correct footholds, or the steepness, a nice slap was necessary. A perfect route sadly not bolted.