I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Climbers need to support Gozo climbing. by Stevie Gozitan Haston.

So fellow climbers I thought I would ask you for some support about access to climbing on Malta, and Gozo.  As you know the famous Azure Window, a stone arch over the sea fell down, this has prompted all sorts of erroneous ideas as to why it fell down. We as a climbing community on the island are worried that our already fragile access to the climbing here is at risk. The scare mongering press wanted the Azure window fenced off, it fell off in a heavy full of energy storm! A few tourists, or climbers, can never excert the force of a huge wave on a static structure in its way! Please help me and Gozo, and Maltese climbing. 

We are as a sporting group scared of loosing access to these fantastic places, despite adding to the economy of the country.

Climbing is the fastest growing new attraction, or activity on the island, and provides visits outside the main season so it is very, very valuable to the economy of the little island of Gozo, and its mother island of Malta. If you have climbed here, and enjoyed it, please support us. 

 This route Bernd has made it into international climbing magazines and is one of the best roof cracks in the world, it is on Gozo, Malta.

People who know me understand my passion for climbing, but might also understand this passion means I am not the best negotiator! I am asking for support, and trying to get things together with others, and the wider climbing community to let logic, and climbing prevail over knee jerk reaction, and a feeling of mourning for a lost arch of stone. 

Spread the word please, that climbing is important, and very good for tourism, and is a healthy sport.

Please help Gozo, and Maltese climbing as much as you can. Are there any engineers out there who are willing to explain the absurdity of comparing a climber to the forces of nature? People can email me with ideas, and suggestions about effecting a positive result. 
News of the arch is wide spread, and a few climbing web sites have carried  my opinions already, I repeat please help.