I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 6 March 2017

Back to the Future, by Stevie Haston.

The new cliff gets better, and better. 3 routes bolted so far, but 12 done, need bolts! I want this cliff done, or  a good 20 routes done for the new guide, as I am sure it will give people lots of pleasure.

 Withnail and I, 7a.

The route we did yesterday was very nice, a bit hard for a porky old bloke like me. Intricate, delicate, and finger moves up very sumptuous rock all proving hard to read. Climbing seems like a foreign language when the lard coat is on.

 Lunch, a packet of glue and some nuts please.

After we did our little route, we had a bit of time, so explored a bit. We thought there was a big cave some where near from our big swims, but we didn't know for sure, as it's hard to know where you are. Anyway we found another set of fishermen's cut steps down a different part of the cliff, and chose to accept the challenge. So down the steps we went, the 39 Steps to Heaven, they soon turned out to be.

 between swearing at me in german, Alex was happy with the stone.

The rock goes through three layers or strata, with a lovely bit of sandstone for a few meters, that uncharacteristically for the islands, produces a bit of friction like moves, and a change of emotion..

 Lunar like landscape, don't know why I said that (wrote that) haven't got a clue what the moon looks like!

As I said, it's hard to know where you are, large parts of the top are similar, or without noticeable markers. There are fishermen's threads, where the fishermen used to, and sometimes still do attach traps. But without knowing the cliff it's a problem orientating one self. The guide book will require a bit of thought.

Behind is a cave of special magnificence!

Notice in the above photo, a bollard cut in the rock by fishermen! These bollards are a great historical reminder of the local "hanging" fishermen of Gozo. I have seen reference to them from at least 160 years ago! The steps we followed down were very impressive, and ended with a view of a great cave, which I remember had a couple of brill, but time consuming lines. Ah the future looks busy. We were too scared to look at them, yesterday