I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 30 March 2017

For ever young, by Stevie old Haston.

If you feel like butter stretched over too much bread, you might be a hobbit. If you feel stretched over a bit of rock you might be a climber. Still when all is said and done I do feel a bit old, nearly 60, some how I should be swinging in a hammock with a pitcher of either gin and tonics near me, or an IV drip in my vein with legal  drugs administered by young scantily glad nurses.  Goodbye Mr Haston, your journey is over, time to put up your climbing shoes ….

 A very blurred photo, probably from fear.

The above photo is in one of the lovely caves that dot the coast. This one is called the Cave of the old man, appropriately enough. There is a bit of magic about this one, I think there's a cave under the water too. Will have to bring the fins and mask and have a look.

 Chris cruising, 10th route of the day!

Yesterday we did 10 routes, none hard, all great. The day started off a bit badly with a farmer refusing to let us through public access! He went ballistic, I was very diplomatic, and he calmed down, tourists both Maltese and foreign had been stealing his crops! Anyway he let us through, but he said he won't allow anybody else through! I have been walking that path for 40 years, and now I might not be allowed, hurumph! 

 I like the shade Chris likes the sun.

 How will the world end? How are you supposed to solve problems? How do you appease people without loosing. Old as I am I don't know many answers, I just know how to climb 10 climbs, and have a lovely day.

a bowl of tulips.

I see that the BMC just bought Crookside cliff in Yorkshire, well done the British Mountain Council! I would imagine that the Maltese Government should be buying little bits of land to make public recreation a bit more easy for its own inhabitans, and for the tourists to have an argument free day.