I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Defenistration of a Maltese tourist icon, by Stevie Azure Haston.

The Azure Window of Gozo has fallen down, it was one, if not thee touristic sight of the Maltese Islands. It regaled travel brochures, and "In flight magazines", and now it is dead!
 A sea arch is a lovely thing, plans to make more are being looked at by the government. 

For the last few years the Azure window has been loosing its paint, and getting a bit loose as it were. There was ludicrously a fence for a few meters on one side, which some how was to keep the tourists off it. There was a fine of 1500 eus for going on it, a fine I am not sure could be justified in any way. Today the security service (?) was there trying to stop tourists from going on an arch that was not there. The fence by the way is about 20 meters long, and you simply walk around it, no signs on the other side!

 the rock of Gozo is a pleasure to climb-in most cases.

I love the rock of Gozo, perhaps I am its biggest fan, and I know the most about it, after all I have climbed on it through out my life. The Azure Window was purposely left out of the guide book to climbing, even though historically it had been climbed on for 50 years. Indeed, thank god I left it out because for the last few years the papers have been full of shouting, and complaints about people damaging the arch by walking on it! The Azure Window was never going to fall down due to a fat tourist, or five, it fell down in a storm. It was created by storms, and it was killed by storms.

 A photo which appeared in a magazine.

International news, is the "disappearance of a window", but it never made it into the press when the Mielah window (the one in the photo above) was draped in toilet paper, and sewage. Out of the sewage came this arch, the fear is that now, instead of a great tourist attraction to climb on, the circus of burger vans, and tea shacks, and diesel generators will come!

This is the iconic,window that is no more!

It's a sad thing, a Window into peoples sensibilities has been shut. It takes millennium for the arts, and crafts of the ocean to make a window, and now it is so drab without it, its weird because it is still so pretty, but not like it was. It's almost like the removal of a beautiful painting from a wall, and now you just see the out line on the wall, in dust and dirt!