I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 17 June 2016

Work ethic and Sport and life, by Stevie Haston.

To get fit, you have to work. To understand, you must have knowledge. To reap, you must sow. To climb, you must at least start. At the mention of training, or hard work, you can see climbers and most people running for the hills.

"I see it in your eyes
The same fear that would take the heart of me
A day will come when the courage of men fails
But it is not this day…" Aragon in Lord of the Rings telling you to start your workout.

 Cactus leaves for the animals.

I did my usual big workout yesterday, the one that doesn't work. Strangely it works for me. It would break most people. Lots of things break me, but my work outs don't, they make me strong, they prepare me. So between all the sets of pull ups, I was doing the odd stretch and listening to a Lady Yogi, talking about her daily 4 hours of Yoga! She's a super good girl, and does really good stuff. But 4 hours, it made me cringe with laziness. It broke me! She gets up early, and has a few classes of water, and does her Yoga. Laurence my companion for all those years used to do the same some days. 

The myth of Sisyphus is just a myth.

My personal journey at the moment is an hours yoga on average, followed by an hour of breathing. Oh and I have given up coffee, probably the hardest thing of all! Is it working? Yes, I am calmer, after four days of headaches from having no coffee, it became OK.
So why? Lots of reasons, I want a fresh start on my body and mind, I want to be in control of my person, and of course I want to use my body as my own personal space ship for exploring joy, and whats left of the Planet, and my life.
I often used to train for 3 months, or four months, the time of a winter in North Wales, or roughly 90 to 120 days. Pilates promises you a good result in 10 weeks. If you do yoga every morning for 30 to 40 days you see something. I will try to keep things going because I like what is happening. You must educate your self, you must improve, you must have joy. The cost I think is about 100 days. A bargain really. 
Is an hour of yoga hard? Not really. Is giving up coffee hard? Yes it is, for me more so than for most I would imagine. What else is hard? Being ignorant of a full life, being led through the nose by a deceitful media, and government, having false idols. Not having joy. Long live joy, do your breathing in the morning. And grasp the nettle, cease the day, clip those chains and break those chains that bind you to false newspapers and idiots.