I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Post Brexit, your climbing gear will cost more, by Stevie Haston.

 blood on your hands Farage. These are scrumping Mullberry eating hands, just a photo just a thought, keep your hands clean, don't just wash them clean.

So there is a new day, a racist dawn in England. The Uk was always a racist country even though it was made up of immigrants for at least 1000 years! Befor that of course, along time before that, it was covered in ice, and at that time only was it, one race -pure english. 

Pen shells illigal to kill these, these are very old ones.

I come from immigrants, my blood is not pure. I am not English. I have a UK passport. My mother was Maltese, my father Scotish, I have kids who have different nationalities.  I was married to a French lady and lived there for a quarter of a century, where do I go now?

 Alex is German she has two kids from an English guy, she lives on Gozo climbs with me.

 Saint Peter and Paul, two Palistinian geezers, one emigrated through Malta creating the most catholic country in the world, he later conquered Italy, but it took a couple of centuries.

I am not a fan of brexit, and I will winge and moan about this bullshit result, it's got nothing to do with democracy, it's got to do with politicking and manipulating the gullible. I am luckily, My background is from a broad international sport who are not racist, we are all brothers and sisters. I always hated Nationality, it's created to fill the ranks, create cannon fodder, and pay rich people to rule over you. Britain was never great, the successful business of the British empire was great. It was great in ripping off, and killing huge swathes of people. It was also good at keeping it's own folk enslaved in poor working conditions and poor wages. This vote was won because the poor and disenfranchised of England, have been left to marinate in cities and towns that are half dead with no hope. This was not done by Europe, this was done by the Torries.  Kick the Effing Torries out, don't leave Europe. Get real people, stop blaming the wrong crew.

Cousin Paul, American Maltese decent like me, we are climbing together.

I have just lost the right to live and work in 27 countries, it meant huge freedom for me. I now have the right to go back, where exactly? Oh England you are smouldering, but I hope you won't be burning. They (the rabble) are already beating immigrants or foreigners, or people who look different  in the UK. Kristall Nacht is possible, please don't let it happen.