I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A dogs view of climbing and politics.By Stevie Political Haston.

 the dog in question, suffering from a huge cyst, caused by immigrant bacteria no doubt.

In the last week, you have no doubt been distracted by idiots disrupting your life, commiseration's. I have been doing my usual, which means rebooting my on board archaic computer by an hours yoga, then falling into a rage as I view the theatre macabre that is politics today.

 the Time Tunnel, force four with lulls, not too bad.

In the Underworld there are no distractions, except the wailings of the weak. My cousin Paul this year has come over strong, gone is the sallow youth, welcome to the muscled machine. Nice one Paul, about time.

 the lull between the wave sets lets you breath, unlike modern politics which keeps you distracted.

After a few days with Paul, who has been either clawing his ways up low 7s, or actually dancing his way through them, I decided  he should get stuck in on an 8a. I put him on Phantom Lover, a stiff proud line which is "muggy" and should fit in with Pauls strengths. Plus I love Phantom Lover, she is a stern mistress, a right little dominatrix.

 taking a whipper.

Any way we enjoyed ourselves immensely, barely managing to escape up the mellow escape route. We had been full of big plans to visit sector Titan afterwards, but decided a bar with a beer was probably more appropriate.

 you have to tram your way down this steep line and it finishes on the other side when you successfully master the Phantom Lover.

So there you go, a great route, I remember doing the first ascent, at 68kgs and fighting fit from 10 hrs Kick boxing and Judo a week. Today from mellow free diving training, and Yoga it felt more powerful.  Its a battle no matter how you face it. And the battle that the UK is facing, that I have been frightened of happening is starting. The conditions for late 1930s german government are slowly being put into place. The confusion is there. The idiots who want a solution are there. The scapegoats have been found, the EU and immigrants, the real culprits are as usual the banks, and the bankers tea boys -the politicians, and their mouth pieces the media.

Escape from New York was a film with Snakespilskin as a hero, escaping from the Time Tunnel, or escaping from the UK?

The quagmire that socialism needs to swim through for a brighter tomorrow for everybody, is the same quagmire that the Elite will thicken and harden until you are imprisoned. Fight the good fight, and break, or clip your chains my friends. Clip those "offing" chains. Let the scales fall from your eyes, do not blame the Ice landers for beating the English at football blame the managers of the team.