I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Letting go, by Stevie Hanging on Haston.

Breath and let go….

Letting things go is easier said than done. As a climber of some success, I often wish I could let go a bit more. I won't say I can't let go, but it's hard and in that struggle to let go of my aspirations and limits, I  sometimes get psychologically pumped.

 The Y pose, theres water on the tiles it makes it slippery.

My head is a bit too full at the moment, and I will reel my neck in, and stop doing so much. I gave up coffee a week ago, doesn't sound like much, does it? For me it's at least 8c. And what is worse, although I always want to do 8c, why, oh why would I want to give up coffee?

 The Pigeon was let go, he never looked back, he never said thank you, fair winds and good sailing..

Breathing is interesting to me, as an amateur Free Diver it's of obvious importance. Coffee was screwing my breath holding capabilities, so it has had to take a long holiday. Breathing is very important for everything, particularly climbing, but few people believe me. But just listen to Ondra and Sharma Power screaming, and you might understand the force of Breath.

 The evil eye, because I want to do another route, just let go and do it….

 never talk to some one while they are making the knot, do not distract the knot, the knot must never let go.

Where do you go to my lovely, when your alone in your head, what are the thoughts that surround you when your alone in your bed?

The dog does his Yoga with me most mornings.

Climbing has never been simple for me, nothing is very simple for me, breathing is even difficult for me, that's why I loved Mountain running, and Altitude climbing, because then your breath has an ultimate master,  who he must perforce give in to. But I want to Master my breath, it will help me in my next route of many colours and contortions, and will help me get a bit better at diving. The dog by the way is not that good at yoga, he has three poses. Downward Dog obviously, Licking his Dick, obviously, and Scratching the flea. But he watches me breath, concerned if I am doing Breath of Fire. His worst habit is licking my face when I am lying down trying to relax!