I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 3 June 2016

Ali is dead, long live Ali, by Stevie also ran Haston.

Ali had to go, but clearly now that he has gone, why is he still here in my head. Because I suspect for me, he was the personification of male beauty and strength, strength not just of the body, but of his convictions.
He failed the first induction test to the army of the despicable disorientated States of America, in its totally absurd war of Empire, and Munitions selling. How did he fail it? He scored 78 on the intelligence test, a very easy thing for him to do, because he was as sharp and quick as a spinning nickel in the sun. The USA lowered its standard a couple of notches to include his percentile a bit later, when they were running out of cannon fodder so Ali quickly found him self in hot water. He most famously said, "I aint got no quarrel with them Vietcong, no Vietcong ever caller me Nigger!" Ali there after became more politicised, as he was hounded by the American government and authorities. He converted to Islam, and was a conscientious objector,  but they still stripped him of his title and did the worst pounding of this man that Ali ever took. The Army, the government and the establishment all went after Ali  and he went on the run, but they couldn't shut his mouth, his big beautiful, intelligent mouth.  He fought the establishment and American racism very well and for a long time, I for one am grateful for his words and fights both in and out of the ring. He wasn't a perfect man, as many symbols have a touch of tarnish, here and there, but people interested in a more rounded and in-depth look at this big man will have plenty of opportunity over the next week. Ali suffered from Parkinson's disease which was caused by the huge head trauma he suffered, possible in the terrible fight which was dubbed Dope on a rope, where his stratergy was to let his opponent get exhausted by using him as a punchbag. In 2005 Ali converted from Islam to Sufism which is the more spiritual side of Islam. There is nothing much more for me to say apart from watch one, or 10, of his fights, watch the films made about him, thank him for his quips, like "float like a butterfly sting like a bee." 

At times Ali seemed to have 8 arms and was a slippery customer, even Presidents in the end could not take him on. A great counterpuncher, a showman, an entertainer, a fighter for the rights of the black man in America, Muhammad Ali, the man formally know as Casius Clay a slave name which he renounced.

 Early morning jog, boxing Hoody on, in honour of Ali. He was probably the first sporting guy I listened to, he was funny, clever, cheeky, he got me training, skipping rope... 

there you go, if only Ali had done a little climbing we might have the odd brilliant quip to laugh or smile about our sport. 

The real prince is dead.