I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 23 October 2015

You don't know what your missing, by Stevie Cheshire Cat Haston.

 Gone with the wind was a line from a poem, wasn't one of the other lines something like "dying of an old passion" , am three big steins of brown Hefe wizen to the wind and can't remember. Man I could've died of an old passion today! This place rocks.  Did Talweg today one of the best routes on the planet, greats like Hot Henry Barber might agree, he did say it years ago, I remember. Done in 1955, you thread little holes in the sandstone for protection and tie them one handed, I think I used 12. Wouldn't of hung my coat on a couple! And the route felt like a mini Right Wall.
 Little memento mori at the belay of Talweg.

Sad to leave, will come back only got to grade 9, no ones in it for the numbers right, well took off I am , yes sometimes I am. Even the cracks I found hard, didn't get on any of the tough ones and found them bloody hard, what a place.
Am doing this blog cos Iam in the mood, Elbesandstein is one of the great places to visit, there's the Verdon, Chamonix, Elbesand stein, Dolomites, thats it in Europe, if you haven't visited them, you aint lived Bud.

 Talwag above. 45 meters of joy.

When you hang around on round pockets on 7b or 5.12b as the yanks would call it, thread a tiny clock or hour glass hole and tie an overhand knot one handed it don't feel like a walk in the park. It feels like a flesh eating zombies in the Dark.

gear rack.

Don't want to leave, aint got no money. Got to go back to my projects on Gozo, and it will be ok, I decided to do a few trad style, in honour of Bernd, and old East Germany sandstone, and Czeck sandstone.  Don't forget the Czeck republic man, they were at it too. Auf Wiedersehen sweethearts.