I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Candy Coated Misery, by Stevie happy Haston.

young Patrick, pushing not pulling.

 You can't push enough on your feet, right? Even when your strong you will run out of arm strength, right? Patrick my young mate came second in a Speed climbing and in consequence came to me stronger than last time,  but in that blur of speed his feet are a bit left behind. Out side is outside, the Olympics will be inside and plastic, the out side will always be won by Wizards, and Magicians, sorceresses, and other sundry folk who are strong as gorilla's.    

I have to say I am as weak as american beer at the moment, when Iave all ways been more triple distilled full cask strength navy rum. Iave got lots of skill, still I found Candy Coated Misery a slab by 6c desperatum, you can't pull on it, its compulsory misery of the feet. It was Patrick's little task today, he needed to be reminded about those strange appendages at the end of his legs!
 Patrick on Steerpike Crack stiff little crack.

A lovely day climbing some classic routes, tomorrow big overhangs, yippee! 
And tomorrow we will use zee feet even more, and zee hips and zee shoulders and zee brain. Zee holistic approach. 

Steer pike crack, a moderate route which see's many falls.

It's hot, a few more days in paradise and will be going to see my friend Jessie and hopefully climb in Dresden, Czech Republic and zee frankenJurra.