I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Goodbye Dresden hello Gozo. by Stevie intergalactic Haston.

Landed in Gozo in the early hours, it was all heat in the dark, Palm trees murmuring, the sea lapping at the boats. Felt almost like home. Home is where ever I lay my hat or in my case my rack!Missing the sandstone already can't sleep. 

 Bernd and me, two old geezers, talking climbing.

Woke up after a couple of hours sleep went climbing. Went to a sea cliff of such utter beuti that I didn't miss Dresden for a few hours. It was a sandstone cliff hanging over the sea in a frozen wave. Lets surf the stone, stone disagreed, it damaged me.

 Frozen in time.

Dreams, songs of rock , my head is full.

 The best arete? 35 meters of pure balance!

I missed out on some dreams on my last day I saw the above route and nearly cried for joy and sorrow. Joy at its beauty and sadness at the lack of time. 

Magic, so is Gozo.