I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 12 October 2015

Days of glory, by Stevie Haston.

books compulsory reading, except the world doesn't speak german, about time someone did something fabulous about these cliffs in Englisher.

Another great day in the paradise of German sandstone.  Climbing a few little towers, one climbed in 1909! Partners and good companions-yes. Bernd Arnold took us to one of his favourite cliffs, as much for us as himself, the views from the tourist bridges between the towers is stunning, as long as you can faze out zee tourists trying to hang themselves by Cannon, and Nikon straps, harikireeeeeeee.

 The zen master Bernd Arnold, small in height huge in stature.

What can you say about perfect days- nothing- you will only get jealous and hate me. Today was a winner -views, blue skies, crisp temps, little summits, exciting moves.

 another little tower on the edge of the nether world.

The river Elbe winds slowly underneath on its way to the Red Light district in Hamburg, today I red lighted on exposure on a route done more than a century ago, and with a hundred times more exposure than gritstone can muster. The English are full of self glorification sometimes, are they not? Gritstone was never the king of rocks, it's too short, try towering sandstone!

Das boot, not Das Boat!

Just a couple of these to end the day, some reminiscing about dead friends, and sleep. Good bye and good night from Elbsandstein.