I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Loosing the thread, by Stevie Haston.

 threads, big threads!

If you haven't been climbing and are watching instead Cameron stand in front of rich people telling bare faced fibs, and mis quoting the new labour leader you are really unlucky. I shouldn't remind you, but I will for a few seconds, because in my entire life I have never seen politics in Britain going so bad. There is a deep zenphobia which was only whipped up like this in the late thirties by a certain Adolf, beware.

 Young Patrick before a small splash got him, I'd had a rinse a bath and a shower.

Had a great day with Patrick, lots of pitches, relaxed, and one of my favourite cliffs in the best of condition. He did a second ascent, and confirmed my suspicion of a slight grade inaccuracy on my part!

 Pareick checking out a bit of a new line.

Went to a new cave, checked it out swam there the other day, today it was rougher, but I jumped in the end, to check out the deep interior. Getting out was a bit of a problem with the swell, and the razor rock, proper scared I was!

checking out a 7c+ in trainers probably an error.

As Neitzsche   never said, "checking out 7c+'s in your trainers will only make you stronger".   You can do stupid things, but you might have to pay in the end. There's trouble brewing all over Europe, and it will be the poor, and the middle who get it. And what do we expect when we bomb countries and some of us get rich through all that death. Go climbing, but vote for Labour next time, or there won't be any climbing.