I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Pull ups in the water, by Stevie sodden Haston.

 Alex going for a swim thru.

Alexi the enormous joviale weight lifter from former Russia reportedly did 'cleans' in a swimming pool. Thats "cleans", as in "Clean and Jerk", which now that I think about it sounds even more suspect. Let's say he did partial lifts in a swimming pool to assist the lowest bit of the lift, and thus save energy, and help with developing speed. Although clearly in the enhanced and heavy class, Alexi was no fool, and used everything in his enormous power to make himself better. So, why are you not? Well, because your busy I suppose.

Checking out a really rare and unusual fossil and doing a water assisted pull up at the same time.

I was looking through some medical papers the other day, and found some fairly obvious facts about girls, and puberty which might cast some light on girls, and their recent spurt in climbing prowess.  As every one should know, girls mature a couple of years before boys, it's complicated, but if I say a few hormones are at work no body should get bent out of shape. This might allow them to take up training, and acquire muscle before boys! It's fairly clear in their production of insulin, and insulin is often taken by bodybuilders today. The famous "big boy hormone" testosterone is only one of the factors that help growth and strength.

 a new sector, Sector Odysseus.

On a little swim passed the foreign climbers, one pair from America, one from Germany, you enter a different realm. It's a bit more gothic, it's a bit more  gravity rich, less comfy, more swords, and wrestling.

the arch, did those Creek refugees from another war, park their boat here, there's bollards cut in the rock, to anchor a boat in bad weather.

The water had a few jelly fish which stung me, I got zapped by three. These jellies are harder to see than the more common ones, almost transparent with long tentacles, which leave whip like marks on you. Anyway if you continue this swim, you can go all the way to the Orchestral area, with it's Arch! A good swim, with lots of Damsel fish. Watch out for fisherman's boats, and traps being lowered off the cliffs. I was very lucky, and saw the biggest Grouper I'ave seen for thirty years. It's rare they get a chance to get bigger than a few pounds in weight now, but this one was the size of a medium pig. At this size they are males, they are all females to start, and males after a certain age, at which they  become the breeding studs. That is why they are important.  Anyway don't forget to have a good swim if you come over to climb.