I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Grivel Haul Pack, by Stevie Haston

This haul bag has been beefed up from the last model, which was all ready good enough for me. Its all so a tiny bit bigger which is a good thing and it is rounder rather than oval. Is it worth having? Yes it is if you have a need for a very heavy duty bag, say you are doing day walls and your bag is too heavy to carry free, or you are a roped access worker or a caver. 

What are the interesting bits and bobs? It's got a velcro close and twist roll flap, pretty good.
It's got interior clip things and a secure zip pocket.

It's got very simple yet comfortable straps, these are very good simple to sort out for stream line hauling.

 It's very bright! Good safety color, not the most subtle, your not gonna leave it behind!

Removable straps…for hauling….

 Rear pulling handle, good for tubes, handing thru letterboxes etc, notice the heavy weight trim shown above, and the Alu quick release buckles. These buckles have an abrasion flap over them too.
All in all it's kinda bomb proof knockabout little haul bag, I was happy with the last one this should prove even better, I did a lotta new routes and caves with the last one it's still going, this one looks more durable. Grivel make bigger haul bags, I have not used them they might suit you check them out if you have the need.