I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Crusher Holds and their finger boards, by Stevie Metamorforce Haston

I have been waiting for an early Xmass present from Crusher Holds, and it took a while, some really great stuff, check them out, do your self a favor, they work really well and don't hurt your fingers, or your pocket!
So this is  MetaMoreForce, its really wide, much wider than most finger boards, which means you can do nice wide pull ups if you want, I have found normal boards can be a bit too narrow, if you give them a lotta concentrated use.

So it's nearly 80 cm wide, and if you use it Wide its got a slight angled sloper, so it turns the wrist-well good and sensible.
I got this board in the afternoon, put it up, and took it for a test drive, around my fingers,and arms, and back, really great. It's a bit of a custom job.

Here you can see just how wide it is. Under the Metamorforce is an old climbing partner gift to me, it was a portable board which took him to three big champ wins, I,ll never get rid of it. Thank you Patrick. Any way look at the short height of the board, you can easily put one of these up any where, no excuses. Crusher makes a smaller in length rung which is really great value, like I said check them out here. They got loads of stuff.