I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 25 October 2013

The one who doesn't obey, by Stevie disobedient Haston

So I got my own way, we went out to play. The house was left to the cats. Zee wifette didn't really want to play she was way to chilled out by yoga exams with her nice mates, she didn't want to resort to agro upside down violence, although she did give me the odd elbow flick on the way to the crag, strictly by accident you understand.

This me looking sweet, big roofs for meeee, yippee. Anyway it went pretty good, did a few routes, and then thought I would do Dame de Sabart to the top chain. Now then the full route of Dame is a tricky 8a to a belay in a big upside down hole, and then the weirdest moves out of this hole and up a 7c+ wall of pockets and knee bars. It adds up to a roof thats 27 meters measured on the ground, or as the French say 27m d' avancĂ©e. As I wanted a big roof, but didn't feel up to the harder things that I'd been working on lately this was the soft option. Well what can I say, it beat me up bad, felt like Id been stampeded, don't remember it being that hard gee, my core felt like it had been used for kendo practice. And, this is the funny thing I KNOW the first pitch backward having done it hundreds of times, thats right lots of times x ten. Its 13 clips, feels engaged in a weird way, how its not one of the most sort after routes in the world I don't know. The book price for the route is 8a+, and that you can be very proud of, I have to say I was really pleasured with the route, and so glad I got my little day out. And didn't do DIY, or tidying up, or hoovering, or all the other things that don't involve immense overhanging contorted strenuosity. 

This is for Kurt Albert. I hope you are having a drink. 

Never drink and drive, which is easy for me as I don't have a license. First beer for a month. Cool.