I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Big Cliff in the sun, by Stevie Haston.

This cliff is over a thousand feet of Verdon quality rock, but it's normally infernally hot, today wasn't an exception, phew, sweat, twitch. Tried to free a really high quality route, but the first pitch is 8a in direct sun, small holds, tricky moves, sun stroke, whacking of head type of thing as feet slip off…. 

Some folk having a bit of a battle to our left, way too hot at the end of October, But there's a ridiculously long bird ban on the cliff!!!!!!! It's not the climbers, it's the hunters, and lack of food Mr Bird People, wake up.

This cliff is banned and there are no ledges for nests, hello bird people wake up!

This cliff  is brill it's bird banned don't ask me why never seen a bird on it, it's got three route I want to free though. Seven pitches overhanging in the orange! 

Praying Mantis, nice, me praying for some cooperation with the stupid bird restrictions on this cliff. Talked to one of the bird guys, he was a power mad lunatic, asked him why he didn't ban the hunters and of course he said well we can't they are too powerful a voting lobby, so that's right folks, the climbers and walkers are banned.