I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Dawn of the DIY Dead, by Stevie Haston

Dawn isn't that early anymore, nice well done, I can get up later. Lost a couple of pounds, generally put them back on by some kinda Osmosis, and for those folks out there in weightloss world, well, I have to say amputation seems easier.
Sleep was full of eagles being shot, and I was unable to help, the NSA were monitoring me as I was talking to Mrs Merkle about putting bromide in Maltese Macaroni.

Was supposed to do some revamping of the training area, but thought, bugger it. The boss, SHE who SHALL be OBEYED came home from a yoga meeting/jamboree/curry eating fest and tore into me about the state of the house. SHE cooed at the cats, who had done most of the mess, the cats smirked at me, they know I am dumb, but they shouldn't rub it in like that!
Flook it to hell, grab zee wife, lets go big over hang climbing instead of tearing me a new orifice, we will see who's smirking then, you lentil munching turbabanised colleague.