I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 8 April 2013

Upside down beings, by Stevie Haston.

This is Zulu, he dragged me out to show me some new moves, he's abit of a show off, he's young after all. The cats were fed up of me being sick, my immune system is a bit shot after only 7 days rest in 5 months!

I like overhangs and slabs equally but I am going to do more slabs this year. And more walls. But most of all I am going to do more overhangs!

This is Cruella, she's the lightest and smallest cat, she does the 9a thin branch stuff!
Do you ski, or slide down snowy slopes? Do  you do it straight i.e. ski, or do you do it side ways, like snowboarding? Are you left handed, Sinister as the Italiens would say. Are you goofie as a snowboarder might say. My cats say all sorts of things, but sometimes I dont understand.

Laurence is upside down as usual. She has promised to keep trying to control my breathing for me, its something we have shied away from doing. After 5 months climbing my skill at climbing is very high but my power is well down, time to sort things out. Climbing is seasonal after all.
I wore out 2 pairs of running shoes and 3 pairs of rock shoes in 5 months, my psyche is slightly dented too, so .... a little rest.... breathing and meditation yoga, then six weeks of plain old power and try to do some hard stuff.
What do you think is hard Zulu? What do you think is hard Cruella? What do I think?