I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Gozo, France, the Universe, by Stevie Cosmic Haston.

Leaving Gozo is generally desperately hard for me but knowing it was snowing back home and that the cliffs are wet made it a bit worse, oh yeeees it did! Still and all there's a wife and cats to get to know again, chickens garden and of course got to get back into a training thing, a thunderous training thang!

 Inigo lives on Gozo and doesn't know he is born, yet alone one of the luckiest people on zee planet. These are the last of the shitty stainless steel bolts that I put in,  my last batch was "316" which is supposedly much better but which in reality is just better. I'd like better quality than 316, but we, the climbing community of Malta and Gozo can't seem to get the cash!

This is my garden in France, more than 6 inches fell, broke some of my daffodils which I had come home to see. Last year I missed them altogether, because I was in Gozo. Still the big cave is waiting, but my body doesn't feel strong, will have to steel it up, forge it into a weapon of lust, and vanquish the old demon, until I find a new demon.

The climbing world seems to have moved up a notch, with a few very good ascents in Spain. Estado Critico was flashed by a young German, to every bodies surprise it wasn't a young Czech.  I won't talk about grades because I have got a few wrong myself lately but when the same boy nearly did La Rambla you can definitely  say he was walking into a new land of difficulty. Climbing is great, long live climbing and all who live in her shadow. These last ascents have depressed more than a few but have energized me, rather than think how far behind you might be just think that the journey has got more bumpy and interesting. Thanks Alex for the inspiration, and also to Chris for the perseverance to finnish La Dura Dura, it ain't over till the fat Lady sings.