I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 29 April 2013

Rain, train, rain. Stevie the train Haston.

Motivation can be hard to find. It's raining, the crags are wet, I am fat and very, very heavy. Last time at the cliff, the wet was coming through the big roof.
Anyway better to stay at home and train. There is a slight miraculous improvement in finger strength! It's hard to say where this is from, so I am not going to bother even thinking about it, it might give me an extra grade if I can get down to fighting weight, a whole grade, that's like the holy grail!
The above photo shows me trying to turn onto the shoulder, it's often a sticking point for me, as my chest is a bit square! Anyway, as the core controls, or is the big strong link in nearly every movement, I have been trying to wake it up.
1000 pull ups today, am at 750 and taking a break, cos I am roasted, like a Xmass turkey, did some pulls with 100lbs, which reminded me how strong I used to be. Half the man, clearly, that I used to be.
But because I don't want to be quarter of the man, I'll keep on trying. Hope I get to a 1000, or I will bite my own nose off.