I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Films souvenirs of the past, By Stevie Haston

This fell that day!

Here's a link to a film of wiffette and yours truly from a long while ago. It's been watched on TV by millions, lots of prizes etc....
Shame all the swearing has been deleted. This climbing was done off the couch, I had been snowboarding for months and the Himalayas. We had to pull it out of the bag, it wasn't helped by all the booze of a main stream film production.
The film is about ice climbing, shame I don't do  it anymore, it is because no one gives me any money, it used to turn me on, and it was a brand new game. Mixed climbing has progressed, but ice climbing hasn't gone anywhere.
Anyway there are still a few people out there who do it, you know who you are,  and keep up the good fight, cheers.