I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Climbing reality, by Stevie Moses Haston.

I watched these guys do the hardest routes of their lives. They can't ever do more. 
Present weight 75 kg  grade possible 8a......... +/- a bit due to grade discrepancies and other variables

if I loose 2kg   8a+ becomes possible  weight 73+/-

if I loose 2kgs 8b   becomes possible   weight 71kg
if I loose 2kgs 8b+ becomes possible   weight 69kg

Trying to teach Shiva to be a veggie...about as hard as loosing weight.

If I loose 2kg 8c becomes possible weight 67kg
If I loose 2kg 8c+ becomes possible weight 65kg
If I loose 2kg 9a   becomes possible weight  63kg

Total weight loss would be 12kg .... horrific thought at present.
Some hope lies in the fact that you store glycogen in muscles so this weight loss is also possible.

Anyway all in all, massively scary at the moment, as I feel very comfy being gross at the moment.