I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Yoga helps climbing, by Stevie Haston

Yoga helps climbing, well what a shock! But some people don't get it, Yoga helps everything, Yoga is more than stretching, yep it is the way thru life.

Here are a few things I do, to help me climb. What you don't see, is me breathing, me pushing my internal organs around, and me being calm, and empty of worry. 

The pancake stretch, lying down version a must do, and a bit difficult.

The pancake stretch sitting, not too difficult, good if you can raise and lower your partner.

Side stretch, can't do with out this one, count 1 mississippi..... 30 mississippi.

Rest tranquil, go to sleep little boy.....slight arch in back, must  work on this...

This is a kind of good morning one for me.

Just recently I needed to get back to Box splits, and was having trouble with the last bit, so I resurrected this from my Martial Arts days, it worked. Today I had a good days climbing, I was able to work out a new sequence on an 8c+ that perplexed me a few years ago when I was stronger, I put this down to being more flexible in my body and in my mind. You may not believe it but Yoga is good for climbing. It's not just about being flexible, this is a small part of yoga....