I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 31 August 2012

Grivel Rocker and Haul Pack by Stevie Haston

The Grivel Rocker is a purpose designed day out at the crag, or bouldering cliff back pack. Its great advantage is that is an organizer while being good to carry. The opening is a very robust zip flap which folds out flat allowing you access to a large main area which takes a lot of gear. There are various pockets and sleeves for your gear with a clip in gear rail for your draws, descender and belay device, this facility will hopefully help you stop loosing gear. There is a rope tarp as well, which keeps things a bit cleaner. All in all an interesting bag, it makes me wonder what I did before, and then I realize how much time I lost looking for things, and the tangled mess! I am not a logical person or a tidy one and this rucksac works real well. The only draw back is the single color which makes being individual hard in our big family as every body likes this bag!

Do you get the idea? Gear loops etc, pockets for different stuff, easier access.

This is the Grivel small haul pack and its robust and about right for me to do a bit of equipping or a short route where I only need to haul a small amount. This last spring, I ruined a couple of packs hauling thru abrasion this one should last thru the next trip. Its basically the normal bomb proof little haul bag, it's got some straps which fit in to a zipped pouch for hauling and you take them out for back packing. I tested the bag with loads of weight, seemed to do the job, there you go. 
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